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Prince George Post Questions


  1. I’m the proud dad of two beautiful girls Sophia (20), Lauren (18) and our cute little puppy Mylo. I’m currently a Trustee/Vice Chair of SD 57 and I’m a long-time community volunteer, leader and advocate. I’m the President of The PG Italian Club, Vice President of Northern BC Crime Stoppers and Council Chairperson of St. Mary’s Church. For 27 years I was on air personality at Pattison Media and the Program Director for 18 years and currently a Residential/Home Share manager with AiMHi. I bring strong leadership skills, many years of marketing and business experience, governance and in depth knowledge of our community.
  • The last 4 years for the city have been filled with some real successes but disappointing mostly in the 3 key areas of housing, economic development and social services. The housing starts have been record setting and we need to build on that success! However, the growth has to be well planned, responsible and protect our cherished green spaces. We need to focus on safe, accessible housing for our unhoused population, seniors and people with development disabilities. Despite the Covid pandemic, we have enjoyed healthy economic growth but our downtown is suffering badly and should be our number one priority! Even though, this is not direct responsibility of the city, it did not perform well on the social services side. Taking a confrontational approach with the unhoused and the encampments was the wrong approach and caused significant damage. We wasted valuable time, money and resources and it didn’t look good for us on the provincial and national stage.
  • I would support a different approach with the Safe Street Bylaw. It should not be punitive but instead compassionate, understanding and focus on the safety of the unhoused and the residents and business owners’. Handing out tickets to an unhoused person is not effective or make senses. It’s a punitive measure and we would better served using highly trained and skilled out reach workers to build relationships and work with them to get them the housing and supports they desperately need!
  • I agree that Prince George is a very car- dependent city and we have a lot of work ahead of us make it easier to walk, cycle or take transit. Our city covers a large area so supporting in fill housing is a start to tackle this challenge. In certain areas of the city, we have to prioritize projects with more density and the infrastructure to support it. Additional funding and resources for sidewalks, transit and bicycle lanes are key strategies to help make our city less care dependent. As well, the city needs to focus on establishing unique partnerships to facilitate this goal and aggressively advocate for provincial and federal funding.
  • Rising inflation, supply chain and labour issues will be a big challenge for the next council! We need to have open and honest communication with all stakeholders when looking at the overall city budget and capital projects. My campaign priorities don’t have tax cuts or reduction of city staff. That approach is over simplified and confrontational. Instead, we need to determine what our real priorities are and properly fund the core basic operations of our city! With capital projects, we need better long term planning, experienced project management, more timely and accurate reporting and we need to scale back projects when we need to. Determine what we really need and cut out what would be really nice to have.
  • The OCP review will be important work the new council will do next year!  I will bring a balanced approach that promotes responsible growth, improving housing and accessibility for the unhoused, seniors and people with development disabilities. Other priorities like infill housing, density and downtown economic development. Finally, protecting our cherished green spaces like Ginter’s Meadow.
  •  I have many favourite things about Prince George but if I would have to pick one, it would be the PEOPLE! You are kind, caring and compassionate. We have a “Can do” attitude and a true volunteer heart. When I arrived here in the spring of 1993, like many of you, I thought I would be here for a couple years, almost 30 years later, I know how special this city and people are! It is a great place to live, work and play. Prince George has a bright future and I’m proud to call this city my home!