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For Immediate Release
August 26th, 2022

Polillo for Positive Change on Prince George City Council!

Today, I’m excited to announce my candidacy for a City Council position in Prince George! After many months of reflection and numerous people asking me to run, I have made the decision to humbly ask for your support to serve the residents of Prince George! I believe that Prince George City Council needs new perspectives, new ideas and positive change to successfully resolve the significant issues ahead. I feel I can provide the passion, the positivity, the leadership and vision needed for the next four years!

I believe my 4 years serving as a Trustee and the past year as Vice Chair of SD 57’s Board of Education, will help me greatly on City Council. The decision not to run as a School Trustee wasn’t easy but I feel there is a new challenge for me on the horizon! I want to thank my fellow trustees, students, senior staff and all the employees of SD 57.  It was my honour and privilege to work with you and serve the district!

My campaign will address the following critical challenges that the next city council will need to tackle head on. City council will need a collaborative, thoughtful and consultative approach to resolve these issues. Firstly, the overwhelming social issues in the downtown core. Residents and businesses expect to have a safe and welcoming downtown. I worked downtown for over 25 years and I believe with the right leadership, plan and resources we can have a safe, inclusive and thriving downtown! 

Another big concern is the massive overruns on capital spending projects! We all know about the “Parkade fiasco” but there are many recent projects that have seen unacceptable delays and huge budget overruns! 

Our core infrastructure under and above the ground is aging and near the end of its’ life cycle. After many years of not addressing it appropriately, we are in critical stage where we need to come up with an urgent long term plan to deal with it!
We need a comprehensive and thorough plan for a consistent and compelling brand for our city and an authentic action plan on truth and reconciliation! 

A top priority should be building stronger relationships with key stakeholders and our rights holder.
Lastly, come up with a long term plan to address the challenges for people with disabilities. There are significant issues with inclusiveness, accessibility and mobility!

I have confidence that my professional back ground, experience and nearly 30 years of community involvement have prepared me for the new leadership role I’m seeking.
I have 27 years of business and leadership experience! 18 years as the former Program Director and on air personality for Pattison Media and the past 2 years, as a Community Residential/Home Sharing Manager at AiMHi, Prince George’s Community Living Association.

My extensive community leadership experience includes 20 years with the Crime Stoppers board. I served 3 years as President and the last 6 as Vice President/Media Liaison.
I have volunteered 15 years with the PG Italian Club and the last 10 years on the executive. I was President for 3 years and have recently accepted the role as President again.
I’m the St. Mary’s church Pastoral council chairperson (2 years) and the former St. Mary’s School Council chairperson (5 years) along with being an active member of the St. Mary’s Knight of Columbus.

One of my other passions is soccer!  I have made it a big part of my life in Prince George. I’m a former board member of the Prince George Youth Soccer Association (2008-2010) and coached my daughters for 10 years. I served on the executive of the North Caribou Soccer Association (2005- 20008) and longtime player and referee for the new combined Prince George Soccer Association.

I have the time, energy and passion to be a positive, effective and strong leader on Prince George City Council! It would be a true honour and privilege to serve the residents of this city and I will work hard for you! I have deep roots in Prince George and an optimistic vision of its’ future and potential!
I look forward to the campaign and discussing the issues with you! You can follow me and my campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can reach out on Social Media or email me at
Thank you/ Mussi,

Ron Polillo For Positive Change On Prince George City Council