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My 2 minute pitch to you!

Hi/Hadih, I’m Ron Polillo and asking for your support on October 15th for a seat on city council.

It has been an honour and privilege to serve my community the past 4 years as School Trustee and current Vice Chair for SD 57, nearly three decades as a community volunteer, advocate and leader, a well-respected broadcaster and currently as a Residential/Home Share manager at AiMHi.

I have been asked many times why I’m running? I can tell you it comes down to three reasons. Firstly, I have deep roots in this community and true passion for the city I choose to raise a family and build my career! Prince George is a regional hub but I believe It has huge potential to be more of leader on the provincial and national stage.

Secondly, it’s about giving back to this community that has given so much to me! Running for public office is not easy and I know the time, commitment and dedication needed to be an effective leader.

Lastly, I believe our community wants change on city council and I represent positive change! A new voice, new perspective and new ideas!

My priorities are a safe and welcoming downtown! We have significant social issues but with proper funding from all levels of government, housing and mental health supports, meaningful partnerships and a long term plan, we can make a real difference.

We need to get capital project spending back on track! Council has to create more oversight, reporting, professional project management and when we have overruns we have to scale back projects without comprising the integrity of the project.

Develop a robust long term infrastructure plan and increase our investment on roads, sidewalks and park maintenance and development.

Improved public consultation and transparency at the committee level and at public meetings.

To develop a compelling and highly successful brand for our city!

Who are we and how do want to market ourselves to the world?

Improved housing and accessibility for people with intellectual and development disabilities and seniors.

Finally, a real action plan for Truth Reconciliation. This is now an expectation for all levels of government with Bill 41 now law.

I have been a passionate advocate for our city and I will continue this around the council table to secure proper funding from all levels of government. Priority work for infrastructure projects, safety initiatives, housing and work that supports inclusion.

With nearly 30 years of strong community leadership, I believe my diverse background, leadership skills and hardworking team approach would make me a very good choice for PG City council.

Please follow me of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit my website at to learn more about me, my platform and ask any questions.

Together we can build a positive, inclusive and thriving Prince George!