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About Me

I’m the very proud Dad of Sophia and Lauren, current Trustee and Vice Chair of SD 57 and longtime community volunteer, supporter and leader. I have lived in Prince George for nearly 30 years and have served on numerous boards and non profit organizations.

I have 27 years of business and leadership experience! 18 years as the former Program Director and on air personality for Pattison Media and the past 2 years, as a Community Residential/Home Sharing Manager at AiMHi, Prince George’s Community Living Association.

My extensive community leadership experience includes 20 years with the Crime Stoppers board. I served 3 years as President and the last 6 as Vice President/Media Liaison.

I have volunteered 15 years with the PG Italian Club and the last 10 years on the executive. I was President for 3 years and have recently accepted the role as President again.

I’m the St. Mary’s church Pastoral council chairperson (2 years) and the former St. Mary’s School Council chairperson (5 years) along with being an active member of the St. Mary’s Knight of Columbus.

One of my other passions is soccer!  I have made it a big part of my life in Prince George. I’m a former board member of the Prince George Youth Soccer Association (2008-2010) and coached my daughters for 10 years. I served on the executive of the North Caribou Soccer Association (2005- 20008) and longtime player and referee for the new combined Prince George Soccer Association.